Printable Recipe Card Design Vegetable Meal

Handmade recipe cards make lovely gifts, especially when they're given with a jar full of ingredients! I've post two fun and colorful printable recipe card designs for a vegetable dish. Each recipe card has a different digital frame design.

free recipe card digital vegetable
digital recipe card .jpg

stock recipe card printable
printable recipe card .jpg

I love the shade of green I used to create these recipe cards because it goes so well with the fantastically vibrant vintage vegetable image, which I posted over at Antique Images. These digital recipe cards measure approximately 4" x 6", but they can be customized to suit whatever size you need. And, those fun and unique digital frames add a great touch to the cards. I posted the original, vintage frame images over at Digital Stamp Design. I hope you enjoy playing with these printable recipe cards for your handmade goodies!

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