Old Fruit Drawings Images Persimmon Clip Art Botanical Artwork

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old Persimmon drawing image

botanical artwork old fruit drawing antique clip art persimmon image
old Persimmon drawing image

Old fruit drawings, illustrations, and artwork are wonderful crafting supplies for kitchen image transfer projects, like tea towels, cloth napkins, framed prints, and lots more. The first digital fruit clip art is of a Persimmon. I love the rustic style of this old fruit art. The second digital fruit clip art is of a Persimmon on the branch with tree leaves.

antique fruit drawing artwork downloads PNG

Old Perfume Bottles Images Royalty Free Beauty Digital Clip Art

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antique perfume bottle image
antique perfume bottle blank label tag digital clip art download
old perfume bottle clip art

Blank perfume bottle labels are great and beautiful crafting supplies for creating customized gift tags. This is an old perfume bottle digital image I created form antique perfume bottle illustration art. The second digital antique perfume bottle image has a blank label so that you can created your own tags for lots of occasions.

digital old perfume bottle clip art downloads PNG

Vintage Map Round Digital Backgrounds North Pole Western Hemisphere Images

vintage map background images round north pole printable clipart
North Pole vintage map download

vintage map background printable clipart digital images
Western Hemisphere vintage map download

Wouldn't these digital, vintage map backgrounds make great gift or hang tags? I love using vintage map backgrounds in lots of crafting projects. Old map images add charm to any project, especially collage projects. The first digital map clip art is of the North Pole and arctic regions. The second digital vintage map clip art is of the Western Hemisphere.

vintage round map clip art downloads PNG

Free Antique Beauty Illustration Clipart Download Gift Box Perfumes Body Lotions

antique beauty clipart perfume digital download gift box products
antique beauty products gift box image

Imagine opening a box of beautifully designed beauty products like the one above on your birthday or Christmas morning. I remember the joy and excitement of receiving a gorgeous gift box full of pretty perfume bottles, body powders, and heavenly scented body lotions. Whenever I walk past perfume counters in the mall, I vividly recall those delightfully enjoyed gifts. Today I've posted a wonderful clipart download of an image of antique beauty products. This beauty products clipart image shows a beautiful gift box containing perfumes and powders. The gift box alone, designed in green and gold, is lovely and makes a huge part of the gift. This antique beauty clipart would be a wonderful craft element for designing a gift tag.

antique beauty image clipart perfume gift box digital download
antique beauty products gift box image download PNG

Royalty Free Flower Clipart Downloads Wildflower Drawings

collage sheet digital flowers clipart download floral images wildflowers
flower clipart collage sheet download

Today I've posted a wonderful digital flower collage sheet of mixed floral clipart. On this digital flower collage sheet are two botanical drawings of Tulip Tree flower blossoms. The first flower sketch shows the flower before it blossoms, and the second digital flower sketch shows the flower after it blossoms. The third digital flower clipart is of the wildflower, Harebell. It's a lovely periwinkle blue flower with tiny, delicate leaves.

flower floral wildflower tulip tree blossom digital download image
Tulip Tree Flower illustration download PNG

tulip tree flower blossom drawing digital download sketch image
Tulip Tree flower blossom drawing download PNG

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wildflower Harebell artwork download PNG

Printable Autumn Floral Backgrounds Rose Free Digital Crafting Supplies Clipart

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printable rose clipart collage sheet

Autuman is in the air! The days are getting chilly and shorter. It's time to create lovely fall crafting projects with beautiful clipart. Today I've posted a lovely digital rose clipart collage sheet of three beautiful, painted rose images in gorgeous fall colors. These three digital rose clipart images were created from antique, Victorian wallpaper samples. The colors of coral, beige, olive green, and terra cotta create a perfect palette for your fall craft projects. I've also provided for you a digital paper bundle of three pretty digital scrapbooking paper created with the autumn rose clipart. These digital papers are perfect for weddings, invitations, and handmade greeting cards.

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printable rose clipart collage sheet download PNG

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Backgrounds Craft Supplies Royalty Free Vintage Map Encyclopedia Book Cover

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digital old book cover image
vintage map eastern hemisphere image clipart background download
digital vintage map image

Digital background craft supplies are great for so many projects! Today I've posted two of my favorite background images: vintage book covers and vintage maps. The first digital background download is of an old encyclopedia book cover. The dark colors, bold designs, and fancy title font are all so interesting. The second digital background craft supply is of an old map of the Eastern Hemisphere. The different colors indicating the continents and oceans make for an eye-catching design.

background craft supply map vintage image eastern hemisphere digital
digital vintage map background download PNG