Free Printable Collage Sheet Food Meat Fish Thanksgiving Dinner Clip Art Download

meat fish food drawings clipart illustrations collage sheet download
printable food clip art collage sheet

Thanksgiving is soon approaching, which means that kitchens across the country will be working overtime when we prepare our Thanksgiving dinners. Not only turkey is served in lots of homes, but many other meat dishes grace kitchen tables. Today I've posted a wonderful digital food clip art collage sheet full of meat and fish dishes that will make deliciously fun crafting elements in any of your Thanksgiving projects. On this digital collage sheet are six drawings of food. I've left the descriptions and diagrams because they're very interesting. There are images of roast fowl, mackerel, salmon, goose, and veal. There is also a fruit bowl image of a big, decorative bowl full of lucious fruits. Wouldn't that be spectacular in the middle of your Thanksgiving table?!

printable food collage sheet download meat fish fruit illustrations
printable meat dinner clip art collage sheet download PNG

Vintage Flower Clip Art Royalty Free Floral Botanical Shabby Artwork

flower floral botanical clipart image printable crafting shabby tattered download
printable vintage flower clip art

What a spectacular, digital flower clip art download! Today I've posted a gorgeous, white flower image created from a Victorian paper scrap. This vintage flower clip art is very colorful and lovely, even though it is a bit shabby and tattered. The petals of the flowers are amazing as they are white on the top of the petals and a glorious magenta underneath. How pretty! I can imagine this wonderful botanical download in lots of lovely crafting projects, especially spring crafting project.

flower botanical artwork shabby image printable clipart floral
printable vintage flower clip art download PNG

Wildflower Starwort Stock Flower Botanical Artwork Digital Image Download

flower wildflower stock digital image clip art botanical illustration
digital flower artwork illustration

What a lovely flower image! This is a digital clip art image of the wildflower, Starwort. I think this beautiful wildflower looks like a purple daisy! The pretty, light-purple petals of the Starwort flower stand out brilliantly from the green leaves. I can image this digital flower download in lots of floral crafting projects.

flower clip art wildflower illustration digital download botanical artwork
digital flower artwork illustration download PNG

Stock Giraffe Digital Clip Art Free Animal Craft Transfer Supplies

digital giraffe craft transfer supply clip art animal download illustration
digital baby giraffe image transfer

digital giraffe clip art illustration animal artwork image transfer download
vintage giraffe digital image transfer

Today I've poste two, gorgeously detailed, vintage giraffe clip art illustrations that are perfect digital image craft transfers for lots of projects. I can imagine either of these digital giraffe clip art images as craft supplies for fun zoo projects. The first digital giraffe image is of a baby giraffe, and the second digital giraffe image is of an adult giraffe.

vintage giraffe digital image transfer downloads PNG

Printable Blank Bottle Free Labels Vintage Apothecary Potion Collage Sheets

blank labels collage sheet apothecary potion bottles printable scrapbooking
printable blank labels collage sheet

blank labels printable apothecary potion bottles printable scrapbooking
printable blank labels collage sheet

Today I've posted two, printable collage sheets of vintage, blank label designs. These ten, digital blank labels were created with old frame illustrations found in a Victorian book. Each printable collage sheet has five, blank labels that are perfect for lots of crafting projects, including apothecary potion bottle labels, gift tags, scrapbooking pages. These vintage labels measure approximately 7" x 2".

Free Wildflower Cowslip Old Stock Flower Illustration Botanical Art Download

flower free wildflower cowslip old botanical artwork illustration digital image
vintage wildflower Cowslip clip art 

This is a beautifully bright, vintage wildflower illustration of the flower, Cowslip. Created from an antique, 1885 flower illustration, this digital flower download will add lots of charm to any of your craft projects.

flower free wildflower botanical artwork digital clip art image illustration
digital wildflower Cowslip image download PNG

Royalty Free Seashells Craft Transfer Digital Downloads Beach Ocean Clip Art

seashell illustration craft transfer image ocean beach clip art
digital seashell clip art image

seashell digital clip art image transfer craft supply download illustration
digital seashell clip art image

Seashell images make lovely craft supplies for bathroom decor projects. Today I've posted two, digital seashell craft transfer images that are beautifully detailed. Beach and ocean decor look so pretty decorating bathroom, and I can imagine either of these vintage seashell images framed and hung in a bathroom.

digital seashell clip art downloads PNG