Printable Christmas Greeting Santa Bag Toys Looking In Window Download

christmas santa image printable greeting
printable Christmas greeting

christmas santa image clip art greeting download
digital Christmas greeting

This is a delightful, printable Christmas greeting I designed with several digital illustrations elements. I added this digital Santa illustration and this winter country scene clip art, after I colored them, to a lovely digital curtain image. And, I've posted two versions of this digital Christmas greeting: one with a 'Merry Christmas' greeting and the original version that you can customize with any Christmas greeting.

Digital Scrapbook Shabby Chic Paper Rose Bouquets Stripes Mint Green Polka Dots

paper digital shabby chic rose printable background
digital rose background paper

paper digital stripes scrapbook background
digital stripes background paper

paper digital background polka dots scrapbook
digital polka dots background paper

These are three, coordinated digital shabby chic papers designed with pretty rose bouquets, stripes, and polka dots. The mint green color tying these digital scrapbook papers together is lovely! I enjoy designing digital backgrounds with many different shade combinations of pinks and greens. The first digital shabby chic paper is so pretty with the tiled design of a rose bouquet and a light-green background. The second digital scrapbook paper is designed with pink and green stripes. And, the third digital shabby chic paper is a delicate mint green and white polka dot paper.

Digital Crafting Scrapbook Paper Rose Damask Lace Polka Dot Printable Designs

digital rose scrapbook paper download

digital damask lace paper download

digital pink polka dots paper download 

Today I've posted three beautiful digital scrapbook paper downloads that are coordinated in shades of pink. The first digital flower paper download is designed with pretty red, pink and white roses. The tufts of green leaves around the rose bouquets adds so much beauty to the rose design of the paper. The second digital paper download is a lovely white lace damask design on a dusky pink background. And, the third digital paper download is a pretty pink polka dot design that works perfectly well with the rose and damask papers.

Vintage Frame Border Curtain Designs Printable Crafting Illustrations

border frame digital crafting download
digital frame design clip art

frame border digital download crafting design illustration
digital frame design clip art

frame border printable crafting download curtain design
digital frame design clip art

These are three lovely digital frame border downloads that I created from vintage curtain design illustrations in a 1920 interior design book. Each unique and beautiful curtain design clip art is perfect for any project needing a frame or border design element. Perhaps you've got gift idea for a housewarming project, then these curtain illustrations would make great borders for a gift tag or greeting card design. Add journaling lines and these household design frames make lovely and pretty journaling spots.

digital curtain frame border design downloads .png

Digital Blank Label Design Roses Violets Writing Quill Pen Download

label digital flower blank crafting supply
printable label clip art

This is a perfect digital crafting element for handmade letter projects, stationary designs, or notes for any occasion. The digital flower clip art is also a wonderful, printable label design. The blank space provided is ready for customization with any greeting. The pink roses and blue violets with the large quill pen around the blank space is so charming. The big, feather quill pen makes this printable crafting supply a great design for any writing project. With emails and texting, letter writing is soon becoming a lost art. Bring it back in a fun project with this delightful writing clip art.

digital label design download .png

Printable Antique Wildflower Colorized Transfer Illustration Download

flower image wildflower illustration antique illustration
digital wildflower clip art

wildflower image flower transfer antique illustration
digital wildflower clip art

Colorizing botanical and flower illustrations is my favorite creative project. The contrast between the dark illustration and the hint of color help the beauty of the wildflowers really stand out. Today I've posted two digital wildflower downloads that I've colorized. The first digital flower image is of the wildflower, Dandelion. The yellow tufts of petals are so pretty. The second digital flower image is of the wildflower Sweet May. These delicate, pink flowers beautifully balance atop long, slender stems.

I've posted the original antique flower illustrations at Digital Stamp Design

digital wildflower clip art downloads .png

Digital Craft Supply Frame Border Decorative Paper Design Gold Turquoise

frame border decorative scrapbook supple craft digital
digital frame download

border frame image craft supply digital download
digital frame download

digital border frame image scrapbook craft supply
digital frame clip art

border frame digital download crafting supply image
digital frame clip art

digital border crafting frame printable download
digital frame border download

Today I've posted a treasure trove of digital versions of a stunningly beautiful gold and turquoise frame border design. I created this incredibly fancy digital frame clip art from a tattered, antique paper frame I discovered in one of my Victorian scrapbooks. Each of these digital frames are in .png format in different varieties giving you the flexibility and endless creative possibilities in your digital projects. I've also given you two versions, the second digital frame border with another pretty circle design in the center. Whether you craft a digital or paper project, this fancy frame image will add beauty and uniqueness.