Lacy Digital Oriental Pattern Backgrounds Crafting Printable Scrapbook Elements

background image digital damask crafting scrapbook download
digital damask paper

background digital image download damask crafting
digital damask background

background digital crafting download damask image
digital damask paper

background paper download damask image
digital damask background

background paper digital damask crafting download
digital damask paper

Today I've posted some lovely and beautiful digital damask backgrounds created from this digital background design. These beautiful colors highlight the lacy look of the damask design and make them pretty backgrounds for so many projects. The background pattern also has a very charming antique quality.

digital crafting background papers .png

Fancy Digital Damask Scrapbook Crafting Background Oriental Pattern Design

background damask crafting scrapbook digital download
digital damask background

damask background digital crafting download image
digital damask background .png

background overlay digital grayscale crafting download image
digital damask background grayscale .png

Today I've posted a beautiful, 12" x 12"  digital crafting background created from this antique wallpaper digital background.  Even designed as a simple black overlay, the oriental damask pattern is bold and striking. The first digital scrapbook background is pretty as it is as a base design image for a project. The second digital damask background download is in .png format so that you can overlay this pretty pattern over any colored background. And, the third digital version of the damask background is in grayscale so that you can customize the color for your projects. 

Free Printable Valentine Greeting Designs Antique Image Children Angels Hearts

printable Valentine greeting image

printable Valentine greeting download

printable Valentine greeting download

printable Valentine crafting clip art

Today I've posted four, absolutely adorable printable Valentine greetings that are ready for all your Valentine crafts. With antique wallpaper designs and antique Valentine greetings I've created lovely digital elements that are perfect for handmade Valentines and gift or hang tags for gifts. The first three digital greetings are designed with the words, "Happy Valentine's Day", and the last digital greeting is blank and ready for any sentiment you choose.

Over at Antique Images you can find the adorable digital children Valentine images here and here and here.

Printable Scrapbook Border Crafting Background Paper Green Rose Design Pattern

paper digital scrapbook antique rose green printable crafting
digital paper background rose design with border

paper scrapbook scrapbook digital printable rose design pattern
digital scrapbook background antique floral 

paper digital rose pattern antique scrapbook design
12" digital scrapbooking printable border 

12" digital scrapbooking border floral design download .png 

Today I've posted some lovely digital crafting elements for both digital and paper scrapbook projects. The first two digital scrapbook paper images are made with a small tile sample of an antique wallpaper design. The second digital paper background has a border with that makes the digital paper lovelier.  Then, I've posted two digital border designs made with the same green rose design. You can create your own digital projects with these pretty digital design elements!

Printable Blank Label Beauty Product Jar Designs Gift Tag Download

label blank design beauty product jar digital download
digital label design image

label blank design beauty product digital illustration
digital blank label image

Today I've posted two digital blank label designs for you to customize for any project. These are digital beauty product images of jars of skin cream. The borders of the jar labels are so pretty and fancy and will highlight beautifully any words you put inside the blank space on the labels. These blank labels are perfect as gift tags, especially if you're giving a beauty product as a gift. The original beauty images are at Antique Images

digital blank label design download .png

Fleur De Lis Digital Paper Background Scrapbook Crafting

digital scrapbook paper background

digital scrapbook paper background

digital scrapbook paper background

Today I've posted three beautiful digital scrapbook paper backgrounds that I created with pretty, antique Fleur De Lis illustrations. Each digital background paper is a different, soft pastel color and has a different Fleur De Lis design. The soft, transparent look of the digital papers makes them perfect as backgrounds because that allows the more important images to stand out. I especially love the second digital scrapbook paper with the light blue color behind the Fleur De Lis design. I think that digital paper would be lovely for a baby boy project.

Artwork Paper Background Free Printable Artwork Scrapbook Crafting Bird Rose

paper digital scrapbook bird rose collage crafting
digital background scrapbook paper

paper digital collage vintage product crafting background
digital background scrapbook paper

These are two wonderful digital background papers I have tremendous fun creating with so many antique illustrations. The first digital background scrapbook paper is beautifully designed with images of roses, a bird, and an antique postcard back. The second digital background paper is designed with an illustration of a page from an antique hardware catalog of household products. These are perfect for paper crafting and digital scrapbooking.