Digital Crafting Beauty Product Antique Collage Download Perfume Flower Rose

beauty digital perfume antique illustration flower download
digital beauty product image

beauty digital flower rose antique illustration download
digital beauty product image

These are two, beautiful digital crafting downloads that I created from antique perfume bottle illustrations and vintage flower illustrations. These digital beauty downloads of perfume bottles make for fun and wonderful digital crafting elements in so many projects. Perhaps you're giving a gift of perfume, then this beauty product image is perfect for decorating a handmade gift tag.

digital beauty perfume product downloads .png

Digital Blank Label Free Designs Antique Beauty Perfume Bottle Clip Art

beauty image perfume antique illustration digital download
digital blank label design

beauty image antique bottle illustration download
digital blank label design

beauty clip art perfume bottle antique illustration download
digital blank label design

These are three, pretty digital blank label designs of antique perfume bottle clip art. I created these printable blank labels from 1915 beauty product illustrations. The first and third beauty product images are of antique perfume bottles. The first perfume bottle label is very decorative and pretty. The second digital beauty product download is of another beauty product for finger nails. The cuticle stick attached to the bottle gives the beauty image a wonderfully detailed look. These antique beauty product labels will be great for so many projects!

digital blank label beauty designs downloads .png

Free Digital Blank Gift Tag Baby Girl Antique Design Fashion

gift tag baby girl digital download blank design
digital baby girl gift tag

gift tag baby girl blank design digital download
digital baby girl gift tag

This is an adorable digital gift tag design I created from an antique, 1920 baby illustration. The baby girl illustration is so cute! Her long dress with the puffy sleeves and that big bonnet are wonderful. The blank space provided in the tag design allows you to customize this gift tag design for any occasion, such as birthdays, party invitations, birth announcements, or baby shower invitations. Simply add your own writing lines for the information. Or, you can also use this baby clip art as a journaling spot for scrapbooking projects, adding pictures or your handwritten notes.

digital baby gift tag download .png

Digital Journaling Spot Handmade Invitation Clock Design Printable Crafting Supply

journaling spot digital download vintage image
vintage clock journaling spot design

journaling spot digital image download grayscale
vintage clock journaling spot design

This is a fun digital journaling spot I created from an illustration of a vintage clock frame image. I've posted the original vintage clock frame image here. I've added journaling lines, making this journaling spot perfect for designing handmade invitations for parties, baby showers, and all sorts of celebratory gatherings. In this post, I've also given you many options so that you can custom design your crafting projects. The grayscale version allows you to color customize the digital journaling spot. Then, I've given you several digital colorized versions in colors I've chosen. 

digital journaling spot downloads .png

digital colorized journaling spot downloads .jpg

Free Scrapbooking Artist Paper Background Downloads Writing Clip Art Design

background digital writing image scrapbooking printable
digital scrapbooking paper background

background scrapbooking paper download
printable scrapbooking paper background

background scrapbooking paper artist download image
digital scrapbooking paper download

Digital scrapbooking is such fun, which is why I provide you with the .png files of most of the digital images I post on my free clip art blogs. Layering .png file images is addictive because of the endless possibilities! I used this digital writing clip art to create these printable scrapbooking backgrounds. Each of these background downloads measure 12" x 12" and are ready for your digital scrapbooking projects. I've provided you with three color choices that hopefully will suit any of your projects. I made the digital writing image about 50% transparent so that it would fade into the background without fighting for attention of more important images.

Printable Vintage Rose Border Journaling Spot Downloads

digital border rose ribbon printable crafting image
digital rose journaling spot

rose border crafting digital image vintage design
digital vintage rose border 

This is a very pretty digital vintage rose journaling spot I created from a spectacular rose border design. There are so many wonderful crafting projects and ideas possible with this digital flower border design. The vintage journaling spot can be used in scrapbooking projects. The digital vintage rose border image can be used to create handmade greeting cards, invitations, and gift tags. For a wedding project the rose ribbon border would make a lovely picture frame, especially if roses are the flowers that decorated the wedding. 

digital vintage rose ribbon border download .png