Free Scrapbooking Artist Paper Background Downloads Writing Clip Art Design

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digital scrapbooking paper background

background scrapbooking paper download
printable scrapbooking paper background

background scrapbooking paper artist download image
digital scrapbooking paper download

Digital scrapbooking is such fun, which is why I provide you with the .png files of most of the digital images I post on my free clip art blogs. Layering .png file images is addictive because of the endless possibilities! I used this digital writing clip art to create these printable scrapbooking backgrounds. Each of these background downloads measure 12" x 12" and are ready for your digital scrapbooking projects. I've provided you with three color choices that hopefully will suit any of your projects. I made the digital writing image about 50% transparent so that it would fade into the background without fighting for attention of more important images.

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