Printable Fancy Border Labels Free Digital Designs Frame

Today I've posted some wonderfully lovely digital labels I created using this digital frame download, which I've posted here,  It's a pretty, fancy, frilly border perfect for decorating wedding invitations, note cards, sentiments, or handmade labels. Behind the fancy frame design, I added a solid background that I drew, freehand, and then colorized. The soft pastel color backgrounds I've provided are so pretty, and I know would be charming in any project. So that you can create your own pretty digital frames and labels, I've provided the frame design in black and grayscale. 

frame digital border design image
digital frame design .png

frame border fancy digital image
digital frame design grayscale .png

label digital download fancy
printable label aqua .png

label frame design download
printable label beige .png

frame label border design image
printable label blue .png

label download border frame fancy
printable label lilac .png

frame border download fancy image
printable label mint .png

label printable design fancy image
printable label pink .png

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