Rose Red Yellow Handmade Greeting Cards Designs

Making my own greeting cards for all occasions is one of my greatest joys! Recently I posted two rose images on my free clip art blog, Antique Images, and I've been having lots of fun designing some lovely greeting cards with them.

craft project greeting card red rose
handmade greeting card design

I used a distressed look with the first handmade greeting card and the red rose image. I love the juxtaposition of the distressed paper with the pretty, perfect red rose. The torn, natural-toned paper helps the rose image stand out.

craft project greeting card yellow rose
handmade greeting card design

This second handmade greeting card was designed with the yellow rose image, and the bright, delicate colors and designs of the yellow rose card are totally gorgeous. I hope these handmade greeting cards inspire you to create your own special, lovely gifts for all your friends. 

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