Birthday Baby Flower Gift Tag Vintage Inspired Designs

craft idea gift tag baby
baby gift tags design

craft idea gift tags baby
baby gift tags design

birthday gift tag design bonne fete
birthday gift tags design

birthday gift tag image
Bonne Fete gift tag design

flower gift tag image
flower gift tag design

I love creating gift tags for all occasions! I've posted some lovely, fun, and vintage inspired gift tag ideas that I've made for family and friends. I especially love the baby gift tags because they're incredibly colorful. And, the rustic, simple charm of the birthday, 'Bonne Fete' gift tags is wonderful. I think the distressed, grungy string makes the tags even more charming. You can find all of the images used to make these gift tags on my free clip art blog, Antique Images. I hope you are inspired to create your own, beautiful gift tags!

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