Printable Vintage Wallpaper Scrapbook Background Papers Roses

rose lace scrapbooking paper background image download
red rose scrapbooking background paper

digital paper rose background vintage wallpaper image
yellow rose scrapbooking background paper

digital paper background vintage design printable scrapbooking
vintage wallpaper scrapbooking background paper

Vintage wallpaper is incredibly beautiful! These three digital scrapbooking background papers were inspired by and designed with vintage wallpaper sample images. The first digital background paper, designed with a red rose and lace pattern is perfect for Christmas scrapbooking! The second digital paper download is designed with a bouquet of yellow roses clip art. And, the third is a lovely basic, red and green, tile design. The last digital paper is a wonderful base for creating more elaborate and stylish scrapbooking papers. I used it as the base for the first two digital papers.

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