Printable Scrapbook Border Crafting Background Paper Green Rose Design Pattern

paper digital scrapbook antique rose green printable crafting
digital paper background rose design with border

paper scrapbook scrapbook digital printable rose design pattern
digital scrapbook background antique floral 

paper digital rose pattern antique scrapbook design
12" digital scrapbooking printable border 

12" digital scrapbooking border floral design download .png 

Today I've posted some lovely digital crafting elements for both digital and paper scrapbook projects. The first two digital scrapbook paper images are made with a small tile sample of an antique wallpaper design. The second digital paper background has a border with that makes the digital paper lovelier.  Then, I've posted two digital border designs made with the same green rose design. You can create your own digital projects with these pretty digital design elements!

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