Free Card Project Artist Papers Ideas Birthday Baby

card project idea image
baby handmade card idea

baby card design image
baby handmade card idea

birthday card handmade design image
birthday card project idea

birthday handmade card image idea shapes
cut out shapes birthday card design

birthday card handmade image
handmade birthday card idea 

birthday card handmade image rose
handmade birthday card project 

I've posted some handmade card ideas today, showing how I decorated designed with the digital paper quads printable I posted here. Each of these handmade greeting cards is decorated with the pink paper quads. I used them as backgrounds for the card designs. The backgrounds are very light, which I think is wonderful because the lightness allows the images to stand out. For the cut out shapes, I've posted a close-up so that you could better see the paper design on which I stamped the letters. The lovely red rose clip art is posted here. And, the adorable mother and child image is posted here.

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