Printable Gift Tag Label Baby Girl Daisies Designs

label digital girl gift tag design
blank digital label .jpg
label digital baby girl printable gift tag
blank digital label .png
printable girl label digital design
printable gift tag design .jpg
girl digital label design printable
printable gift tag design .png

These are very cute digital baby girl gift tag and label designs I created from a vintage, 1920 illustration I found in a baby keepsake book. The daisies and the little girl with ribbons in her hair are so wonderful designed around the space for customization with words. I've given you two versions of this digital tag design: one is the original illustration, and the other is a colorized version that I created. This is a wonderful gift tag design for a girl's birthday present! I hope you enjoy this pretty printable gift tag design for you gifts and projects!

I've posted the original label image here at Digital Stamp Design

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